5 Best Servants in the Fate Series

With the remake of Fate/Stay Night of Ufotable completed just a couple of months ago, the powerful servants are still fresh in our minds. Servants – or Heroic Spirits of the highest rank – are summoned by a magi-user to aide them in the Holy Grail War. During each war, only 7 servants are summoned. Each has a different historical or mythical background and possesses their own fighting abilities.

#1 Gilgamesh
Characterized by his divine fighting prowess and his distinct air of arrogance, the demi-god Gilgamesh is an enigmatic servant of the Archer-class. He appears in first in the prequel Stay/Fate Zero as a summoned servant, then in the main story of Stay/Fate Night. Clad in an armor of gold, he possesses the most number of Noble Phantasms and is feared by all masters and servants in the series.

#2 Authoria
Also a re-occurring character in both Stay/Fate Night and Stay/Fate Zero, Authoria serves the saber-class servant for the main character of both series. Based off of the legendary king of knights, King Author — Saber once obtained the magical sword in the stone and raised to kinghood. Virtuous and honorable with high morals, Saber is the most sought after servant for her skills with the Excalibur.

#3 Iskander
Though initially presented as a buffoon, this Rider-class hero grows to become a fan favorite in Fate/Zero. Iskander is a character based off of Alexander the Great, the famed conqueror and king of Macedonia. He challenges Saber’s idealistic vision of kingship as he completes his dream of finding Oceanus. A man of great honor, he is one of the characters that gains Gilgamesh’s acknowledgement.

#4 Black Knight
Although the berserker-class servant in Fate/Zero does not have a well-developed backstory, he has the coolest designed appearance of all servants in both series. His flaming black armor well compliments his state of madness, turning him into a dangerously skilled fighter. Every fight scene with the Black Knight immediately turns into an intense, beautifully animated sequence.

#5 Fate/Stay Night Archer
This reveal of this archer-class’ true identity is tied to the biggest twist in the Fate/Stay Night series. Without giving away too much spoilers, archer serves Rin Tosaka, but because of amnesia, he does not remember what his heroic spirit is. He is cynical, but deep down he has always believed in the good of humanity and desires to save the world.

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